Q+A: Learn More About Rayshaun Kizer

Five-time All-Arena DB Rayshaun Kizer is entering his eighth season in the Arena Football League and first season with the Gladiators. ClevelandGladiators.com caught up with Kizer to get his thoughts on the upcoming season and being back in his hometown.

ClevelandGladiators.com: What did your offseason look like?  

Rayshaun Kizer: My offseason started off with me going over to China to play in the CAFL. It was such a great experience and I would do it again in a heartbeat.  After coming back from China I did a little traveling and spent time with my family and my son.  I also work in the Cleveland Municipal School District.  Other than that, I have been training and getting ready for this upcoming season as we make a run for a championship.

Goals for upcoming season?  

First and foremost, I want to remain healthy throughout the season. I also want to help teach some of the young guys the great game of Arena Football, be a leader on and off the field, and make a strong run for a championship.

What do you think new coaching staff brings to the team?  

Diversity.  I feel each coach brings a unique and different style of coaching. I am looking forward to working and learning from each of them.  You can never learn too much about our game.

Being in your hometown of Cleveland this upcoming season, is there anything you are looking forward to doing/places you look forward to going?  

I am from Cleveland so it feels like I have seen and done just about everything in my city! However, I haven't been in Cleveland for the summer in about 10 years, so I am looking forward to those months. It has been a really long time since I enjoyed the summer time here!

When you look at the schedule are there any dates or match-ups that you are looking forward to?  

All of them, honestly! I like competition and I am a competitor so I am looking forward to all 14 games on our schedule this season.

How excited are you to play in front of your home town fans for the first time in your pro career?  

This is something you dream about when you are a little kid and for me to finally be able to play at home in front of my family, my son, my friends, and fans is a blessing.  It's one of those things you can’t put into words, I am very excited to get started and put on a show for my hometown.

What can we expect from the secondary this season?  

Consistency and hard work.  We have some good pieces in our back end.  Now it's just all about us coming together and being on the same page.  It will also be good to reunite with Kent Richardson as we were together in Philadelphia in 2012 when we went to the Arena Bowl. We are looking to get back there this season