Meadows Turkey Bowl Raises $190k

The Cleveland Gladiators teamed up with the Meadows Turkey Bowl to help raise money for those in need. This year’s event proved to be the most successful yet, however "success" is not the word founder and "Bowler" Mike Meadows wants to associate with this fine event. "This year we were extremely successful… However, the real measuring stick will be how significant we will be in the years to come."

This year’s event included 42 to Bowlers on four teams. Gladiators VP of Franchise Development, Alan Mowrey, was the captain of one of the teams and says that his "first year participating was very rewarding and inspiring. It’s amazing what Mike Meadows has created here – taking a backyard football game and turning it into a fundraiser that benefits so many families in need in Northeast Ohio."

The goal of the event is to have a significant impact benefiting the community. This year the players raised $190,000 for the Saint Vincent DePaul Society and the Radke Family. Pete Radke is a hero who lost his life saving a young girl from drowning in Lake Erie. He leaves behind a wife and four children. 30% of this year’s donations go straight to the Radke Family. And while the event has grown over the years, the support of the community helps keep this grass roots fundraiser so significant in its mission - Not one cent of the cost of the event comes from the donations, and ALL donations go toward the cause.

"A couple of the Cleveland Gladiators players and I got to spend an afternoon with the Radkes," adds Mowrey. "Getting to know them really added an extra layer of meaning for me. I am humbled to be part of such an impactful event for the Radkes and others that are in need. I look forward to having the Cleveland Gladiators continue to help to grow the Meadows Turkey Bowl and making a difference in people’s lives."

This was the first year the Gladiators got involved, and we are proud to help make an impact. Mike Meadows was eager to show his appreciation saying, "The Gladiators not only helped raise money, but also participated, and was a frontline member to the event - We are over the top grateful for the support we received from the Cleveland Gladiators and Alan Mowrey… We could never have hit this historic number to help the needy without them. It seems like a thank you is not enough." Coming from someone who has dedicated so much time and energy to making this event significant, this means a lot. And we are thankful for the Meadows Turkey Bowl founders and participants for letting us take part.