Get To Know: PK Manley & Quentin Sims

Phillipkeith Manley #44

Nickname: PK

Twitter: @PkManley78

Instagram: @PkManley78

Please Name Your Best Warm-Up Songs:

Meek Mill - "Gave Em Hope"

Future - "Wicked

Favorite Way to Relax On A Non-Game Day:

Playing video games.

Favorite TV Show:

Family Guy.

Favorite Football Team While Growing Up:

Detroit Lions.

Age You Started Playing Football:

5 years old.

Favorite Movie Comedy:


Most "Bad Ass" Action Movie:


Quentin Sims #18

Nickname: Q

Twitter: @QSims1

Instagram: @qsims1

Describe What it Feels Like to Play in Front of Great Fans:

It feels like I'm unstoppable because of their support.

Favorite TV Shows:

Dragon Ball Z.

Favorite Football Team And Player Growing Up:

Randy Moss and the Minnesota Vikings.

Age You Started Playing Football:

11 years old.

Movie You Could Watch 100 Times:

Ip Man.

Favorite Family Guy Clip:

Stewie saying "Mom" over and over again.

Best Advice You Received From A Coach or Teacher:

Believe in yourself and put the work in. God will be on your side.

What Advice Would You Offer To A Student Struggling With Their Classwork Or Sport:

Hard work is a must to accomplish any significant goal in one's life.