Get to Know: Larry Beavers & Joe Powell

Larry Beavers #10

Nickname: L. Woogie

Twitter: @larrybeave

Instagram: @larrybeavers

​Describe What it Feels Like to Play in Front of Great Fans:

It means a lot to me because I always played in front of a smaller crowd. Seeing a lot of fans makes me want to go harder because I never want to give them a bad impression.

Please Name Four Songs You Can Recommend For Warm-Ups:

Li' Boosie - "Betrayed"

Lil' Boosie - "Hold Up"

August Alsina - "Grind & Pray"

Rich Homie Quan - "Flex"

Favorite Football Team While Growing Up:

Dallas Cowboys.

Age You Started Playing Football:

5 years old.

Favorite TV Show:

First 48.

What is Your Best "Mom Story":

There was one year where my momma was all alone, which was around Christmas time. She told me she wasn't going to be able to get me anything for Christmas. I didn't want her to know I was upset. But that whole week was sad and I really thought I wasn't getting anything. Christmas came, and I usually wake up early to open my gifts, but instead, I just laid there. When I finally got out of bed, I woke up and everything I wanted was there.

What Advice Would You Offer to a Student Struggling with Their Classwork or Sport?

Ask for help. Don't be shy. It's all good to let someone know that need help.

When You Hear The Word "Cleveland," What Do You Think Of?

"King" James.

Joe Powell #21

Nickname: Joe P.

Instagram: @joep_steelhawks21

Describe What it Feels Like to Play in Front of Great Fans:

It's a feeling that can't be explained. It puts a lot of fire in my heart and makes me want to go all out on the field.

Favorite Movie Comedy:


Favorite Football Team And Player Growing Up:

Troy Polamalu and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Age You Started Playing Football:

14 years old.

Movie You Could Watch 100 Times:

Gridiron Gang.

Could Any Of Your Teammates Be A Celebrity Look-Alike?:

Marvin Ross - Meek Mill

You Know You're A Bad Date When...

She ignores you the whole time.

Best Advice You Received From A Coach Or Teacher?

Don't be a waste of talent.