Rudiarius "Rudi" The Lion


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  • Birthday: March 21
  • Height: 6'3
  • Weight: 350 lbs.
  • Paw Size: Purrrrrty Big
  • Likes: Cleveland Gladiators, Cleveland Cavaliers, Cleveland Monsters, Canton Charge, Cleveland Indians, Cleveland Browns, Gladiators victories!
  • Favorite Movies: Gladiator, 300, Lion King, Rudy,
  • Favorite Celebrity: Bernie Kosar and Nala
  • Favorite Vacation Spot: Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia
  • Favorite Songs: Heart of a Champion, The Lion Sleeps Tonight and Welcome to the Jungle

The Story of Rudiarius From the depths of the great Roman Coliseum the legend of Rudiarius begins. It all started one scorching hot day when Rudi was personally called upon, by the great Roman Emperor, to battle one of the fiercest competitors in the great arena. Rudi, a considerable underdog, showed great courage and determination in battle and eventually conquered his formidable opponent.

Since his first victory, Rudi has successfully been called upon by the great Roman Emperor to fight in the Coliseum. Rudi's courage and determination have made him a fan favorite to spectators of all ages. His ability to entertain and excite the crowd allowed him to win his freedom.

Even though Rudi was free from fighting, he couldn't escape the thrill of entertaining the audience. He would come to competitions just to cheer on his Gladiator friends. It was said that when the Gladiators were preparing to enter into battle, they would look into the crowd and spot Rudi’s intensity and passion and feed off of it to the point where they would develop a new level of strength and courage.

When Rudi heard that there were Gladiators in Cleveland, he jumped at the chance to take over as the team mascot. He fit everything that the organization wanted. Rudi’s courage, determination, and his ability to entertain a crowd was a perfect fit to lead the Gladiators into the arena for games.

Rudi’s so passionate he can be seen around Cleveland spreading his excitement to everyone. Even though his days of battle in the great arena are over, his love for the sport and all the excitement around it is forever growing.

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