Football Staff

Head Coach

Ron Selesky

Assistant Head Coach/Director of Football Operations 

Dominic Jones

Offensive Line Coach/Football Outreach and Community Ambassador

Chad Schofield

Defensive Line & Strength and Conditioning Coach

Clay Harrell

Athletic Trainer

Jeff Lambert-Shemo

Athletic Trainer

Aimee Cline

Equipment Manager 

Brent Overholt 

Assistant Equipment Manager

Giovanni Di Siena


Team Dentist

D. Todd Russell, DDS

Optimal Wellness Center, Team Chiropractors 

Michael Izquierdo, DC, DACBN

Center for Orthopedics, Medical Orthopedist

Harkeet Sandhu, MD

Center for Orthopedics, Orthopedic Surgeons

Daniel J. Zanotti, MD


Robert J. Berkowitz, MD


Robert M. Zanotti, MD


William B. Stanfield, MD


David G Marsh Jr., MD

Team Physician

Scott Singer, MD

Team Vision Coach

Dr. Alex Andrich

Official Team Medical Masseuse

Revive Spa Cleveland