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01/02/2011 9:05 PM - Editors Note: In the fourth edition of Beyond the Wall, we sat down with Cleveland Gladiators’ offensive lineman and YouTube celebrity Adam Tadisch. After playing collegiately at North Dakota State, Tadisch joined the ranks of the AFL in 2010. While cameras were rolling in a game against the Spokane Shock, Tadisch caught a pass while playing tight end. Tadisch ran 19-yards for a score as he dragged multiple defenders on his back. The clip became a YouTube sensation and the New York Jets signed Tadisch. His journey was documented on HBO’s Hard Knocks.

EDITOR:  Ok. So obviously we have to start this one off with a Hard Knocks question. What was it like to be on the show?

ADAM TADISCH:  It was a once and a lifetime experience. It’s not everyday where somebody gets to be on Hard Knocks.

ED:  What was it like to be with the Jets during that camp?

AT:  The Jets organization is one of a kind. They are unique. Everyone is on the same page and wants to win. They all have the same goal. Coach [Rex] Ryan is not your typical coach. He is a hard ass but a very caring guy at the same time. Everyone says he swears a lot and the media doesn’t really like him but I thought he was a great guy.

ED:  Do people recognize you from the show now?

AT:  Yeah. I’m training in Springfield, Mo., and I work at a bar. Some guy came up to me and said, ‘you’re the guy from Hard Knocks!’ I asked, ‘who told you that?’ He replied, ‘we watch the show! We saw you!” I thought that was cool.

ED:  So you work at a bar now? Do you do this during the season too?

AT:  I work at the bar as a bouncer mainly in the offseason a couple nights a week. I work at Best Buy making deliveries too. It’s a pretty easy job to work.

ED:  Did you find yourself getting any other requests after being featured on the show?

AT:  Yea, there were some guys asking for interviews from California to Florida. I also got a lot of Facebook requests (laughter).

ED:  Not only were you seen worldwide on Hard Knocks, but you are also a YouTube sensation.

AT:  (Laughter) I was! It’s a great feeling. There are a lot of videos on YouTube but when you get a good one like that, it’s cool. There are quite a few hits on it. It’s definitely unique to show someone you have your own YouTube video.

ED:  You dragged nearly four defenders into the end zone with you. What workout do you do for legs man?

AT:  (Laughter) Honestly, I don’t know why any of those defenders didn’t go for my legs. I usually do dead lifts, squats and power cleans. I just keep the legs going.

ED:  Enough of your celebrity life. What have you been doing during this offseason? Did you get calls from any other leagues?

AT:  I went to the Hartford Colonials. I was there for about a week and a half before I was released

ED:  You played on the offensive line your entire life. What is it like to catch some balls now on the line?

AT:  It’s a fun time every time the fat kid gets the ball (laughter). It’s not every day where a lineman get’s to catch a ball. Every time a lineman catches a ball, everyone laughs or gets a kick out of it. It’s entertaining for us as lineman too.

ED:  Have you thought of any touchdown dances?

AT:  You know, I haven’t thought about that yet. Now that you mention it, I’m going to have to think of one.

ED:  Best part about being in the AFL?

AT:  The brotherhood. The teams are all close.

ED:  What is the biggest transition with playing on a 50-yard field?

AT:  Everything is faster. You have to change up your footwork. Everything is a lot tighter and faster. You can’t take the big steps you can in the outdoor game.

ED:  Future goals?

AT:  My number one goal is to get another shot in the NFL and hopefully make a career out of it. I want to have a successful AFL career too.

ED:  Adam, thank you for joining us today! Enjoy the rest of the offseason and good luck this season!

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